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Alone in somewhere dark, harmful shadows lurk everywhere you go. Your only comfort is to stay Near Light. But beware, while it might protect you, it also exposes you!

Platform your way through this dark forest and use your Light to stun enemies and reveal hidden paths. Shadows don't like to be stunned and will hunt the light source. Find comfort and rest in floating light spots and your trusty lamp.


  • Move - Arrow keys or WASD
  • Light/Stun - Space bar, J or X
  • Toggle shader (boosts performance) - T
  • Toggle SFX - N
  • Toggle Music - M
  • Restart game - R

Near Light is a skill based platformer made in LÖVE2D. It is our entry for the first #GMTKJam. 

The team

  • Dan Larkin - Audio design
  • Markus Ranki - Art
  • Rafael Giordanno - Programming and Level Design

If you like this game, please leave us a comment. It really helps us knowing if we should keep working on it. Thanks!

System requirements: You'll need a dedicated graphics card to play the game for now. It's a requirement of the lights engine. Else it'll run out of memory or throw the error "Could not create canvas". I'm already working on this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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near-light-jam-version023.love 3 MB
near-light-gmtkjam-win-exe-v023.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Windows users, just download the exe zip file.

OSX and Linux users: make sure you have LÖVE2D installed on your machine and download the .love file.

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